Drummer Available!

Once again, I am finding myself with more free time than I care for musically speaking and I am again reaching out to my fellow musicians in search of playing opportunities. Please give me a buzz if you or someone you know can use my percussive services. Thanks!

I am not looking for another full-time band I am just putting my name in front of you as anĀ available, reliable sub drummer. I am used to getting last minute calls and playing a professional-sounding gig that fools the audience into believing we have been tight for years.

I got the chops and the gear and all that stuff.

Wheels? Check.
Maturity? Check. (I am 39 years old).
Sober? You betcha!
Day job? Soon!

Cover Bands I currently play with: The Dave Abbott Band; The Gents

Cover Bands I have worked with in the past: Mr Meanor, The Mo-Fo’s, Uncle Melvin, Getting Even, Shuv, Velvet Jones, Captain Crunk, Smurfy Brown, Sugarbee, Voodoo Love Kit, Atomic Punks (Van Halen tribute!), The Creeps (based in Wisconsin), Scotty Meyer band (also in WI), Spanking Machine…. I can’t even remember them all.

Original band I am in: Gravity Mine

Experience: 30 years of playing drums. Music major in college. Jazz, marching band, prog rock, metal, latin – I love it all and have done it all. I have played around 3500 gigs at this point.

I will nail the rock to the wall.

Let’s rock!

My links are on the side of the page over there(ish) —>>>>>
Check ’em out and see what I’m all about!



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