Look! Up In The Sky!

Seriously. Look up once in a while. We’ve had lots of interesting things sky-related around here recently. Here are a few:

A friggin blimp

Big Cargo Plane


Another Big Cargo Plane

A B-17 (I think). WWII Bomber.

Air Force One

It's always impressive to see Air Force One flying overhead.


We had an eclipse! You can see the shadows on the wall are rounded - cool!






Gratuitous Post


Here it is. The gratuitous post that says that I am back to blogging and will try to keep up with this writing thing (again) and will be posting exciting stuff from all aspects of my life.

Ya. Right.

Have a seat – you might be waiting a while for the next post…


Waiting Room

"Waiting Room"

Safeway Smoked Almonds

Dude. These things need to spend more time in the fire – they are very smokey at all. The prices was quite a bit cheaper than the national brand(s) but you knopw what – so was the taste. If you want somke flavor, get the real deal and skip these nuts.

You’d be nuts to buy these flavor-deficient nuts.