The Job Hunt Continues

I am getting extremely proficient at writing emails, cover letters, and attaching my resume….

I have been looking at IT jobs ranging from Network Engineer to Technology Manager. I am nowhere near discouraged (yet) however the process is a bit of a hassle and I can see how some folks would get depressed or discouraged by this process.

I had a great phone interview today with a company that provides a hardware, in-house solution for companies wanting to provide users a branded, secure, flexible, remote access/web meeting system. Specifically I would be hired to act as a product ambassador/blogger type of person to promote the product online and in IT forums providing back and forth with consumers as needed and writing up client success stories for social media sites.

This gig would be right up my alley, is local (I can ride me bike to work!), and the owner said my resume “looks really great”.


Grille Guard Install: 2005 Yukon XL K2500

I installed a Go Rhino Grille Guard on my 2005 Yukon XL K2500 this past week. While not a difficult task, it is a bit time consuming and can be physically difficult as lifting, wrenching on some big bolts, and and lying under the truck are necessary.

Part number: 3108B

As with most projects, the directions could have been clearer and labeling of the parts would ahve been awesome. As it was, the directions were a photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy and lacking in details. I checked online for a cleaner copy or more usefu directions and found none. I will say however, that products for newer vehicles do come with better documentation, including some actual photos of the product on the vehicle (as opposed to wonky diagrams).

I have some Hella 700FF Driving Lamps to install still, but it’s too hot and I have been too busy working on other projects to get to that yet.