Moist excellent!

Kudos to the fine people at Camelbak for providing excellent warranty coverage and an easy way (online) to submit a problem and request replacement parts (or repair) as needed.

I recently bought a Camelbak water bottle from The Sports Basement and within a few uses the straw mechanism that screws into the cap had become stripped. I was pretty pissed that this craptacular design had been allowed into the product line and I was a bit pissed at myself for not catching the flaw beforehand.

If I was a yuppie dickhead I’d probably throw a hissyfit and complain the color cap they sent is incorrect but instead I look at it think “Hey – that’s fine, Just fine indeed.”

I have this bottle and overall I really like it: Groove® Insulated .6L

Verdict: Buy Camelbak products in general but maybe wait to buy a bottle like this until the design is updated a bit.

Street Sweeper Speedway

*Note* I took this picture of our street at about 11am - after myself and the neighbors had brought most of their cans in and some of the cars had left for the day.

This morning around 5am a street sweeper made no less than three passes down our street.

Seems like a legit service right? We all want clean streets. Hell, I am out there at least once a week with my push broom cleaning the street in front of our house. After three passes, the entire street should be clean enough to eat off of. Awesome! This though makes it (almost) worth getting woken up by the vacuum megolith worthwhile.


So as I’m lying in bed listening to this horrendously over-loud machine do it’s business it dawns on me: today is Tuesday, or as the raccoons well know, it’s garbage day.

Now just how the hell are the streets going to get clean when there are garbage cans up and down the street? Not to mention that at 5am every house has at least one car parked on the street…

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Who is the fucking moron that schedules these kinds of services? Seriously. Does this seem to just lack common sense or what?

Ok so let’s not put all the blame on the person making the schedule. How about the person operating the street sweeper? Do they look at this situation with any kind of critical thinking? Do they not notice that at FIVE IN THE FUCKING MORNING ON GARBAGE DAY THERE IS PRETTY MUCH ONLY THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET CLEAR TO SWEEP?!?!?!? Is the operator too stupid to not report this? Are they not empowered with the ability to make a decision such as sweeping another part of town today and coming back to this area tomorrow? Do they just drive without thinking?

My brain hurts.

Did I mention that, as far as I can tell, this was the first and only time so far this year the street sweeper has made a pass down our block? That adds insult to injury doesn’t it?

Even if it wasn’t garbage day, why 5am? Wouldn’t it make more sense to do this kind of work after, say, 8am when most of the cars that are going to leave for the day have left? Again, that would make sense. It would also make work because then the sweeper operator would have to actually sweep both sides of the street and not just the middle…