Hey all,

I have a new original project as of this month that I am super excited about. The name of the band is Gravity Mine and we are a rock band based in San Jose, CA.

Bending Light and Reconstructing Reality

Gravity Mine, a San Jose based Rock band, is a new name in town however all of the players in the band are well-known on the local scene. With over a century of combined experience, the musicians making up Gravity Mine are the epitome of “seasoned”. And like any seasoned musical group, these guys are producing the tasty riffs and burning grooves listeners are hungry for.

Longtime friends finally get a band together

Longtime friends and occasional cover band cohorts, Andy King and Eddie Rockethead, are finally realizing a long held dream of writing and performing original music together. Tired of playing the same old covers for the same old people in the bars, Andy and Eddie played together in another original band that has since broken up. “Everyone around me knows I’ve been itching to do originals for years”, says Eddie, Lead Vocalist and second guitar for Gravity Mine. “The chance to play in an original band, putting my emotions into my music is light years away from singing Cameo or Sade songs; I have found my musical sweet spot.”

“Eddie and I have a special bond,” says Andy, drummer for Gravity Mine. “As a singer, he’s the best. Great tone, ideas, inflection, and he has a really great attitude – unlike the stereotypical singer image many of us had the ‘pleasure’ of working with!”

Craigslist Provides A Goldmine

Now in need of a guitarist and bassist, Andy and Eddie place ads on Craigslist. After months of weeding through hacks, flakes, druggies, losers, and jerks Craigslist provided two diamonds: Adam Green on guitar and Chris Pack on bass. Both of these guys were made for Gravity Mine; their musical interests, personality traits and love for loud music made them easy choices for new additions to the band.

Adam’s Les Paul is soaring counterpoint to Eddie’s Fender Stratocaster. “We put a lot of thought into our overall sound,” says Adam, lead guitar for Gravity Mine. “I spend a lot of time getting my tones and Eddie and I then work together to get his guitar and to blend into the music as inconspicuously as possible so that we never sound like we are battling each other for sonic space.”

Chris’s style on the bass compliments the overall sound in a unique way; “I’ve always wanted to play a fretless and have it sound like a fretted bass. After plenty of trial and error I have achieved that and my focus is on keeping it simple and only worrying about the low end. If a bassist plays anything to busy it interferes with the song and I’m all about serving the needs of the song.”

What Does Gravity Mine Sound Like?

Chris Pack is recording and engineering the band’s first EP, due out in the Fall of 2012. Listeners will be surprised at the depth of the songwriting; no two songs sound the same and the band proudly flaunts its reluctance to be pigeonholed into musical genres.  “We have moments where we definitely sound like a metal band, but then the chorus comes around and you think Prince just walked into the room,” says Adam Green. “I hear lots of ‘King’s X’ and ‘Alice In Chains’ in our songs,” says Eddie Rockethead.

So what do they sound like?

“You’ll be able to find out soon enough!”, says Chris Pack. “We intend to give away our music for free online. I hate charging for music and the other guys feel the same way. This is our gift to you. Music is a gift. Enjoy it.”

You Can Dig Up More About The Band Online

Like everyone else these days, the band is on Facebook, YouTube, ReverbNation, Google+, Twitter…. To get the most current info you should start exploring the band’s website at

Eddie Rockethead – Vocals  / Rhythm Guitar
Dardin “Eddie Rockethead” Soto started as a classic rock / funk singer in San Francisco. Moving south to the San Jose area scene afforded him the opportunity to expand into playing Bass, Guitar and electronic programming for groups such as Vivid, Funibone and most recently Love Stoned and The Gents. His influences include Kings X, Peter Gabriel, 70’s Funk and outside artists like Dead Can Dance and Bjork. His philosophy on songwriting is to “Move people to thoughts and feelings” and as a hobby, memorizes Rorschach patterns.
Andy King – Drums
30 years of experience in dozens of bands playing literally thousands of gigs from big band to metal, Top-40 to musicals have molded The King into a solid player. A  educated musician, his focus is on solid feel and rock-steady time adding just enough to make the music the most it can be.A pro player with pro gear and positive attitude, Gravity Mine wouldn’t be the same without The King.
Adam Green – Guitar
Adam picked up his first electric guitar at age 10 after being inspired by Angus Young’s riffage along with the brilliant work produced by Slash, SRV, and Clapton. Adam’s other big influences include Foo Fighters, The Cult, Rush, Black Country Communion, King’s X and AIC. Over 20+ years Adam has crafted music for a number of successful rock and metal bands with a relentless drive to help create music that is both meaningful and sonically unique.
Chris Pack – Bass
Chris has 20+ years of experience playing bass in original bands, movie soundtracks and Top 40 bands. He has played everything from Ska to Speed Metal to Prog Rock.His passion lies in writing and performing original music which is exactly what guided him to Gravity Mine. Chris’s influences include McCartney, Lee, and Levin, however he combines their ideas with his Keep It Simple approach to produce his unique style to the instrument.