New heads on the toms – post gig

Dancers and tom

I did two gigs with the new heads heads from Evans and I really like the heads. Great tone and they feel like they will last quite a while.

I am still in the fine-tuning phase of these heads; at the moment I have them tuned a bit higher than I care for and the 15″ tom is giving me some trouble (not unusual at all for these acrylic drums to be a little difficult to tune; mine aren’t even “round”).

They sounded really good in the first room which was a small venue with drums tucked in a corner (as usual) right up against a large window(s) and on a wooden floor. The sound was nice and wide open and had good cut. The second night was on a carpeted stage, slightly elevated, in a bigger room with an overall louder band. In this room the 12″ tom was not giving a pleasing tone at all untill the break when I took the drum off the stand and cranked up the bottom head. Then the toms sounded good overall.

Good heads. I can’t wait to get the dialed in for reals…. maybe at tonight’s gig I’l hit the sweet spot…

Dancers and tom 2

Dancers and tom II

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