New heads on the toms

I am trying some new heads on the batter and resonant sides of the toms of the Green Machine kit tonight.

For the tops I am using Evans EC2S Clear. For the bottoms I am using Evans G1 Clear.

When I was tuing them up yesterday I wasn’t particularly pleased with the tones I was getting however I am anxious to hear how they sound all together and played at full volume. (Well, not FULL volume because the gig doesn’t call for that but you get the idea….)

A couple pictures of life

Here are some visual representations of what I have been up to lately.

I spotted this place in Elk Grove, CA near the place I bought my new (used) trailer.

I got a great deal on remnant carpet at Home Depot!!!!


Road case

Road Case - I am in the process of gutting and customizing this road case to hold one of my drum kits.

Callie Meowingbutts

This is my friend's cat, Old Blue. He's a good kitty.

Only $1800 for this Moog at Starving Musician.

I saw this nice Camaro in a parking lot near my house. I was there meeting an old timer who wanted to buy some insulated boots I was selling on Craigslist.

Moby and Flipper in a Target parking lot in Dublin, CA. It was 103ºF at the time I took this picture. Shitty hot. Glad I wasn't the people I saw whose car had broken down at the freeway offramp. Super shitty.

Red car.

These old ladies were quite literally talking about being old ladies with small dogs as I walked by. My mom should so totally join up with them.


I laid the remnant carpet in the trailer. I nice thin indoor/outdoor carpet. Cheap and easy (except for all the sweating I did installing it!).



I hope I'm standing in a Goodwill when the zombie Apocolapse occurs; I've always wanted to put their extensive golf club collection to good use...


A doctor's office

Installed a tool box on the front of the trailer. On sale at Harbor Freight Tools for $120 minus the 20% coupon I had = cheap!

Callie Meowingbutts

Da Latest

Blowing Bubbles

Hey gang!

I have had a few pretty good weeks. Well, except for the weather which was a bit too hot for my tastes… I had a few interviews recently that went well however I had to turn down the job offers because they jobs required more travel than I care to do. One of the things on my job wish list is to stay home (as in the office) as much as possible and hopefully never have to fly anywhere.

We had a cople friends from Porland stay with us for a few days; that was nice to have some company over! It was a good reason to clean the house! And I mean a deep clean! I even busted out my Hoover SteamVac and cleaned the carpets! Hoo-Weeeee! Callie hates the vacuum so imagine her displeasure as I cleaned the carpets over a three day period… poor kitty.

Speaking of spending three days cleaning the carpets…. if I spent 4-5 days cleaning the house does that mean I am thorough or inefficient?

I have had a week and a half off from gigging and I feel good about that. It’s always nice to take a break; my body and mind enjoy taking time off from lugging gear and music making. As much fun as it is to play with great friends on fun gigs, I really do enjoy it so much more when I get some time away to keep it fresh!