Hell yes, I’ll play those drums!

The following entry was originally posted on February 23, 2011 on a blog that has since been removed from the internets (it was hosted on Apple’s, now-defunct, MobileMe site):

Here is a behind-the-kit picture of a drum set that I played on recently while we were recording a podcast at the Antioch Music Academy in Antioch, CA. I knew they had some drums we might be able to borrow but wasn’t sure about the setup till we got there.


We rolled up to the gig and as I waited in the truck the other guys went in to check out the scene. Brian came back and said that they had a small kid’s kit and I would probably want to play my own gear. I could believe that so I went and saw a decent kit as seen above. The cymbals were a mish-mash and the drums were made by – well, I don’t know. You see gear just isn’t that big a deal to me. I’m guessing PDP by the lugs in the photo. Really doesn’t matter to me. They were there and ready to go.

You see, I am lazy. If I don’t have to move gear I am very happy. Sitting down and playing a kit saves me 20-30 minutes per show of setup and tear down time. Time that could be better spent helping the guitar players move their gear (they NEVER use house gear!!!!; arrrrgggh!), talk to management, take photos or videos, go get the truck and trailer, drink water, go pee, talk to friends, sell merchandise and most importantly just relax. Hell – this kit even featured a bass drum pedal with a broken hinge that was flapping all over the place. Big fucking deal. Thanks to being flexible I didn’t need to make extra work and get my pedal from the trailer – I just played.

What I’m saying here is what I often say: be flexible. Be ready to play anything. Just sit down and play. On this particular kit I moved one cymbal that was touching a brick wall (which, for those of you who don’t play drums, is Not a good thing). Other than that – I just played. And judging by the kind words from band mates and the folks watching and interviewing us, I played like I had been on that kit all my life.


Watch the VIDEO right here:

But wait !!!!!!! There’s more!!!!

Saturday we played at the Retox Lounge with Secret Secretaries and For The Broken. Good show. All the vids are on YouTube if you’re interested. (ed. note: since I originally wrote this article, the band has split up and the videos are no longer publicly available).

The drummer in the band ‘For The Broken’ was kind enough to let me use his drums and again I am grateful for the chance to share drums. We helped carry their gear in and out of the club and it was all the way it should be with bands getting along and having a good time. And it was EASY!

These drums were Yamaha drums. Birch shells. Mismatched cymbals; Zildjian and Sabian if I remember right. 20” bass drum; smaller toms. Nice kit. The only change I needed to make to this kit was adding my double pedal as he plays a single (same brand; Iron Cobra) and I had to raise the snare drum to prevent me from smacking my balls with every backbeat.


When I was done playing I lowered the snare back and swapped pedals in about 3 minutes and was then ready to help move guitar and bass gear off the stage as needed. Convenient!

I even played a solo on this kit: (video removed from YouTube – sorry. A.K.)