I Crack Myself Up

Sometimes I apply for jobs on a whim – like performing Customer Service for an Auto Parts Accessories Outlet. Here is the Cover Letter I sent in with my resume:


Hello <Company Name Redacted>!


I think I have found the perfect job for me!

I absolutely excel at Customer Service, have had an affinity with anything that rolls on wheels since I was a baby, have worked on cars and trucks (for fun and necessity!) since I got my license, have a tremendous sense of humor, professional phone skills, excellent attention to detail, computer and social network savvy, and am looking to work around people and products that I find interesting.

I began working in customer service as a 9-year-old boy mowing lawns and doing yard work for many of the neighbors. I then progressed to being an (early morning!) paperboy, then a grocery bagger, then I did a 5-year stint at Sears working in their hardware department in both sales and stock positions.

You want more customer service? OK! I worked for 2 years at the City of San Jose working for the Airport as the guy that makes copies (makin’ copies!!!!), ordering office supplies, sorting mail, answering phones, and generally being the best damn office whipping boy you could ever hope for.

After that experience is where my resume picks up and you can see I have 12 years of experience in IT providing technical support as well as Project Management, Account Management, and Customer Service Management. That’s all fine and dandy but I really prefer wheels to Windows so I am looking to get into a new line of work.

After being laid off, I took several months of vacation and am now looking for work and All Things Jeep is where I want to be. I’ve always had trucks with lights, winches, grill guards, first-aid kits, auxiliary oil coolers, dual batteries, oversized radiators, and a box full of enough tools and parts to (hopefully) get me and/or other motorists home safely.

I look forward to coming in and telling a couple good jokes. Any time. I’m ready to work!


Andy King

P.S. Don’t hold it against me, but I’m also a drummer.    😉

P.P.S. Don’t hold it against me, but I will likely be riding my bicycle to work occasionally.

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