A job I am actually interested in!

Friday afternoon I have a second round of interviews for a job that I am really, truly interested in getting. The job has everything I am looking for… mostly. No job is perfect but this job comes closer than other job I have interviewed for in the last couple months.

At work in a previous job (Surpise photo!)

Close to home:
I can’t begin to explain how important this is to me. Wasting time sitting in traffic, or riding some form of public transport (if you’re the hippy type) to go to work(!) is just ridiculous. I find it even more ridiculous for renters (like us) to travel very far to collect a wage. The job I am interviewing for is only a couple miles away – bike riding distance! Hooray! Exercise! Fresh air! Close to home means more time spent at home!

Working with I.T.:
I will be dealing with some VMWare, Windows, Active Directory, Google Apps, blah blah blah… easy.

Digging in behind a server rack.

Supporting Mac products!
Sure, Apple makes I.T. products but not the boring gray boxes loaded with Windows so common in most I.T. jobs. No, Apple products have fantastic OS’es that are much less painful to use, implement, and support than their Windows counterparts. I was an Apple evangelist long before it was trendy to camp out overnight to buy the latest iGizmo Apple is selling. I truly love the Apple brand and working with mostly Apple hardware on a daily basis with only occasional forays into the aforementioned Windows world really frosts my Twinkie!

My Home Office. Mac/Windows

Working with people that have good energy:
This is going to be really awesome! The job is working as an I.T. technician at a local school where the students all have an iPad, a Macbook, or both. Wow. How cool is that! It is going to be so much more fulfilling to work with kids and helping them do well in school than it ever was working for clients that ship paint on railcars, or do taxes, or print and mail out rejection letters to people seeking to join a health insurance program. The energy on the campus when I was there for the first interview was electric! Kids aren’t depressed sycophants meandering through their day begrudging what lemons life has thrown at them; no they are still excited to be alive and the positivity is palpable.

It pays better than unemployment…but not by much:
And I am great with that! I am not a greedy person and have never been driven by money. Life to me is so much more than what money provide. You cannot buy happiness. You cannot buy love. I really don’t care about money at all. In fact, this position, depending on negotiations, will end up paying about 55-65% of my previous salary. And I couldn’t be happier. I can not begin to put a dollar amount on the dividends I will be paid in terms of reduced stress, improved mental energy, and all around feel-goodedness that will come from doing work I want to do and work that I believe is having an important impact on the community.

Wish me luck, my friends!


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