The hunt continues!

The hunt for the perfect job continues! Or more correctly, I am watching it recede in my rearview mirror. Oh well. That just means I will find something even closer to home and even more meaningful to me!

Some folks may be surpirsed to find out that the job I would do in a hearbeat (if it paid a little more than minimum wage) is to be a Jenny Craig Counselor. Seriously. This job is perfect for me; I love talking with women (as most JC clients are female) and I have had my own issues with weight for most of my life and would love to refocus on my own health and help others achieve a happy weight as well.

Surpirsed? Ya. I thought so.

I actually had an informal interview at a Jenny Craig Center and felt really good about the opportunity. For now though, I make more money on unemployment so that is a no-brainer for me.

Who knows – I may still go this route….