Roadie Needed!

Roadie Needed!

Greetings potential roadies! If you want a career that guarantees a 6-figure income with lots of room for growth you should NOT be reading this ad!!

If, however, you are hardworking, have a strong back, can follow extremely simple instructions, and suffer from an irrepressible work ethic, I have the right job for you!

This Could Be You!

In short, you will be helping out a drummer that has some aches and pains. I have a bad back, bad knees, shoulder problems, arthritis, and a few other conditions.

I need help moving and setting up my drums. I can play them just fine (not really; it hurts) but I really can’t do the set up portion any longer.

I will pay cash and if I get free drinks at a gig I will be more than happy to give them to you.

I have a walk-in trailer that I transport my gear in. My entire kit fits on two carts. Everything is super organized and stands don’t even need to be broken down for transport! How easy is that?!?!? If my body didn’t hurt all over it would be easy!

What will make you a great roadie for me are the following skills/traits:

You can handle your drugs and alcohol (preferably you are sober);
You know a little something about music;
You have some basic knowledge of drums;
You are dedicated;
You are reliable;
You are not in a co-dependent relationship!

I only need you a few nights a month – mostly Friday or Saturday nights. Most gigs would be from 8pm till 2am (standard gig times at bars).

Really, you only have a about 30 minutes of work total: 15 minutes setting up and 15 minutes tearing down. What you do in between set up and tear down, I don’t care! Go home! Eat dinner! Watch a movie! Go out on a date! Take a nap! Or hang out and watch the band. It’s up to you.

Now at this point you’re asking yourself, “Why don’t the dudes in your band help you set up?”. I don’t have an answer.