Happy Birthday, Danno!

Happy Birthday to one of my younger brothers,┬áDan King! I found this picture of Dan from, literally, a half a lifetime ago and for all intents and purposes it could have been taken this morning. The guy has been into bikes, cars, borrowing my tools, making a mess, getting greasy, playing soccer, and technology since he was born. Love ya, Danno, and here’s to many more trips around the sun!

Too busy to write!

Damn. I hate being too busy to write! My work schedule just isn’t leaving enough time on the day for me to write. I am actually toying with the idea of getting some dictation software so I can ‘write’ whenever it is convenient and then transfer to the blog as time permits.

I turn 40 on April 8th, 2013. That’s kind of a huge milestone in many people’s lives. For me, it seems like just yesterday I was having my fifth birthday party and being the shy guy I am held up five fingers whenever an adult inquired how old I am. Grandpa and my dad quickly pointed out that I’d be S.O.L. when I turned 11 and would actually have to talk to people to tell them my age. My little brain was scared at that realization – the realization that I only had five more years to skate by using my digits to tell people my age! Yikes!

Mentally, I feel about 28 years old; physically I feel a good deal older than that. As I take stock on my life at age 40, I have to say that overall, life is good. I have a great wife, live comfortably, my aches and pains are tolerable, and I am not in need of anything. Most importantly, in the last year I revamped my thought process and reset my ideals of what life is about and revamped my concept of happiness.

I am definitely in a positive, happy space at this point in my life and am looking forward to the next 40 years!