Mondays do suck – but not as much as you think

Mondays suck donkey balls like no one’s business. Period.

However, it is right as a get off my bicycle after riding to work in the crisp morning air, and before I sit my ass down at my desk to begin atrophying for five days, right at that moment, my blood is flowing, my sinuses are feeling decent, my back doesn’t hurt nearly as much as it will on Friday, and my attitude is pretty fucking chipper. From here till Friday at quitting time, it is all uphill.

You see, over the weekend, starting right at 4 pm on Friday, I am active. I do chores, work in the yard, play drums for a few hours, do a lot of standing, very little sitting, I get some great sleep (usually) and most importantly I spend a lot of quality time with my Honey-Pop. In other words I live the life that I want to live.

Monday morning when I awake, I am pissed as a goat on fire that I have to go to work; but damn if I don’t feel my thinnest, tallest, happiest, and most limber. Too bad that great feeling is going to go to waste at the office.

See you again in a week, Monday morning…. I look forward to it.



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