I’ve been thinking about my friend Paul a lot the past few days. Lots of little things have been happening that remind me of him. For example, as I started writing this update, Spotify started playing ‘Comfortably Numb’…. a song that the Dave Abbott Band often closed out the night with and one which Paul played so well.

Then somehow, pictures of Paul show up online and spark more memories.

Songs on the radio.


I miss that guy a lot.

I hung one of his bass guitars in our house; it’s in the living room right by the record player and other assorted music memorabilia – only a few feet from the TV so I will see it often. I use that bass as a reminder of the good times we had palying music together and why I became a musician in the first place: to have fun.

In looking through some photos I found one I really like (see below). It’s got three of the best friends I had in 2014 all in one photograph: Carol, Paul and Dave. Each had an important role in my life last year and I made sure (I think) that they know how important they are to me.

This gig keeps coming back to me.


Carol. Paul. Dave.

More Synchronicity:
As I write this, I get a nice text from another great friend, Pam, who is also at the center of so many memories I have around Paul; her and I have a nice chat via text.

And now as I continue writing and ruminating, Dave Abbott shares a video on Facebook of the same gig from nearly the same angle as the photo I so enjoy. And the same people from the photo are all in the video as well- Carol, Dave and Paul. (see video here)

There was more to that day as well. For example, it was the day I found out that Paul and Pam had broken up. Paul was running late; Dave and I both called and left Paul voicemails checking to see that he was OK. It was the first time I met Carol’s fiancé. It was the first time that Carol met the band and saw us play. It was too hot to be shlepping gear outdoors. Tim ran sound for us. The alarm at the bank across the street went off for a good 10 minutes…. and nobody seemed to give a shit. Paul and I talked about how absolutely surrealistic it was to watch kids dancing while the band played “War Pigs”. One of the photos Carol took at that gig was later printed out and given to me as a Christmas gift. A little kid played Dave’s guitar.  Quite a few friends of ours came out and enjoyed the show. None of our family members showed up.

The synchronicity I’ve been experiencing is uncanny. Makes me wonder if it’s all coincidence or if there is a reason behind the things seemingly random things that happen.

Enjoy life, family and friends because nothing lasts forever.

More Synchronicity:
(and fuck me if one of my favorite Dave Abbott Band covers (“Born on the Bayou”) didn’t just start playing right as I was about to press the ‘Publish’ button! Synchronicity!!!)