Green Machine

Everybody loves this drumkit and I don’t blame them! It’s hella rad! It looks and it sounds great! No joking! It really sounds pretty goddamn awesome! People always want to talk about this drumset – from kids to adults… so let’s just get to the Frequently Asked Questions, shall we…

What are they made of?  Acrylic.

Who makes them? This kit is made by ddrum and the series is called Diode. (Really though, they are just rebadged drums from RCI International).

Where did you buy them? Online at Musician’s Friend.

Were the drums expensive? Yes.

Do they glow? Kind of. Under certain lights, most noticeably blue LED or under strong UV light.

Do they light up? I have installed lights from iWDrums. The kits from iWDrums use LED strip lights running at 12 volts and has several color options as well as fades and strobe (seizure!) effects. In the past, I would often put halogen lights under them to get a pretty cool uplighting effect.

What sizes are the drums?
12×8 Rack tom
15×14 Floor tom
16×14 Floor tom
22×18 Bass drum
7×14 PDP Acrylic MudFlap Girl Snare


What heads do you use?
Bass drum: Aquarian SuperKick 10 batter with Kick Pad / Evans EQ3 Reso Frosted
Toms: Remo Pinstripe batter /  ddrum single-ply resonant
Snare: Remo Coated Emperor batter / Remo Snare-Side head on bottom


What cymbals do you use? Sabian HHX.
I mix and match from the following list depending on the gig:
14” HHX Evolution Hi Hats
15″ HHX Groove Hats
15″ HHX Evolution Crash
16” HHX Evolution Crash
18” HHX Evolution Crash
19’”HHX Evolution Crash
20″ HHX Legacy Ride (it’s been reworked and sold as an SR2 series)
20” HHX Evolution Ride
21” HHX Groove Ride
21″ HHX Raw Bell Dry Ride


Were the cymbals expensive? Yes.

What sticks do you use? Vic Firth Wood Tip 2B. 

That’s a cool stick case! It is made by Coffin Cases and costs a mere $70.

What bass drum and hi hat pedals do you use? Tama Iron Cobra.

Who makes those cymbal stands? Gibraltar Stealth Stands. They really are pretty damn cool.

What was that cart you rolled your stuff in on? I use carts from RocknRoller.

What kind of bags do you transport your gear in? I use Protection Racket bags for my drums, hardware and cymbals. I also have a couple SKB Cases I use depending on need.

That’s a cool cup holder! It is made by Vater Percussion.

That’s a cool stick holder! It is made by Vater Percussion.

Those are neat quick release thingies on your cymbals! Again – Vater Percussion has me covered.

Dude. I see you wear earplugs. Yes indeed and once again I have Vater Percussion to thank for another great accessory! Vater Ear Plugs


Mudflap Lady (PDP acrylic snare drum)



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