Mapex Kit (I wish I had not sold these)

Lots of drums. Big drums. (Sold in 2015).




What else do you need to know?

Mapex Pro M drums and an assortment of various cymbals depending on whether I am practicing or recording with this kit. The finish is “Cherry Fade” or as it says on the box they came in (from China) “Cherry Gade”.

I really like the sound of these drums. I’d use them on gigs if I wasn’t using the Green Machine. The bass drum is a cannon and the toms are pretty friggin big sounding. I am experimenting with different head combinations to see what works best; so far the coated Emporers from Remo are the best.

Mapex Pro M (maple shells)
8×8 Rack tom *not pictured
10×8 Rack tom *not pictured
12×9 Rack tom
13×10 Rack tom
14×14 Floor tom *not pictured
16×16 Floor tom
18×16 Floor tom
22×20 Bass drum
14×7 Snare


For Practice: Zildjian & Wuhan
16” Rock crash
18” S-Series crash
20” Rock Ride
13” K/Z Hats
Live/Recording: Sabian
14” HHX Evolution Hi Hats
15: HHX Evolution
16” HHX Evolution Crash
18” HHX Evolution Crash
19’”HHX Evolution Crash
20” HHX Evolution Ride (used as crash)
21” HHX Groove Ride


Mapex Hi Hat
DW double pedal with DW beaters
Mapex Cymbal Stands
Pork Pie throne


Heads: Various

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