2012: Year in Review

This is a quick recap in pictures of the year in review. 2012 sucked ass for a number of reasons however when I put on the rose-colored glasses of hindsight, I see mostly the good.

Happy New Year to you and I hope that 2013 is a damn sight better than 2012.

(Audio is from a Gravity Mine show; a little bass and drum ditty that I manipulated a bit for audio effect).



A couple pictures of life

Here are some visual representations of what I have been up to lately.

I spotted this place in Elk Grove, CA near the place I bought my new (used) trailer.

I got a great deal on remnant carpet at Home Depot!!!!


Road case

Road Case - I am in the process of gutting and customizing this road case to hold one of my drum kits.

Callie Meowingbutts

This is my friend's cat, Old Blue. He's a good kitty.

Only $1800 for this Moog at Starving Musician.

I saw this nice Camaro in a parking lot near my house. I was there meeting an old timer who wanted to buy some insulated boots I was selling on Craigslist.

Moby and Flipper in a Target parking lot in Dublin, CA. It was 103ºF at the time I took this picture. Shitty hot. Glad I wasn't the people I saw whose car had broken down at the freeway offramp. Super shitty.

Red car.

These old ladies were quite literally talking about being old ladies with small dogs as I walked by. My mom should so totally join up with them.


I laid the remnant carpet in the trailer. I nice thin indoor/outdoor carpet. Cheap and easy (except for all the sweating I did installing it!).



I hope I'm standing in a Goodwill when the zombie Apocolapse occurs; I've always wanted to put their extensive golf club collection to good use...


A doctor's office

Installed a tool box on the front of the trailer. On sale at Harbor Freight Tools for $120 minus the 20% coupon I had = cheap!

Callie Meowingbutts

Poor Callie Meowingbutts

Our poor kitty was attacked by coyotes on Tuesday night. It was quite scary for us and downright frightening for her.

Callie Sleeping

Callie Sleeping In Her Seashell.

As we lay in bed in the early morning hours (or was it late at night? Is 2 am early or late?) Callie started acting a little spooked. We didn’t think much of it. It’s not uncommon for her to come and go in the night as she pleases so we didn’t fret when she got out of bed.

Mind you now that Applesauce had been telling me she had heard something and had dreams about raccoons coming in through the cat flap. That dream isn’t too out of the ordinary for her. We have raccoons in the neighborhood and we’ve had other cats come through the cat flap.

So we are laying there when something wakes us up. I hear a commotion outside and the motion sensor light outside our window came on. I quickly got up and looked out the window and see a GODDAMN COYOTE running through the yard followed shortly by another coyote. WTF?!?! We are in a residential area where frankly seeing raccoons seems weird. So seriously – what the fuck? I put my sandals on grab my big Maglite and a smaller LED flashlight and head out front to see what’s going on.

Of course the coyotes are gone and there is no sign of Callie. I am instantly worried. I shine the light all around the yard and don’t see anything or anyone. I go back inside to get my keys and real shoes on; I intend to drive around and look for those fucking coyotes and if need be kick them in the head or run them over. I shine the flashlights in all the neighbors yards and look for Callie on foot and from the truck for the next 30 minutes or so. Nothing.

I am back home and getting really upset. I check the backyard again. Still no Callie. Applesauce has been calling to her without any luck. I am on the verge of giving and just assuming that our poor kitty has been eaten by coyotes. I start thinking about how she wanted to lay on my tummy but I wanted to roll over and told her to move it. How awful to think that the last interaction you had with a loved one wasn’t favorable? Ya. Sucky.

II try the backyard one more time and there she is sitting up on the fence looking scared and ragged. I get Applesauce to help me bring her inside and we check her out; she has her hair matted and screwed up in a few placed but there isn’t any blood. We rub her all over and se doesn’t wince or cry. She appears to be physically ok.

Mentally on the other hand…. she’s a wreck. For the last two days she has not been herself. She is reserved, edgy, scared, timid…. nothing like the curious, energetic, friendly kitty she was before the attack.

I am really sad to see her so traumatized. It really bothers me. Normally she is outside laying on the sidewalk in the sunshine or in her favorite spot in the bushes, but she spent all day Wednesday in the crawlspace above the house and all day Thursday inside, sleeping in her cat bed. As we are getting a bit further into evening I am seeing some of her old personality trying to come through – barely.

Callie under her favorite bush.

Callie under her favorite bush. She lays under here so often the tanbark has all been flattened out.

I vacuumed the house this evening and normally she goes outside and I don’t see her foor quite awhile. Tonight she went about 4 feet out the back door and was happy to come back in as soon as the vacuuming was done.

Callie in the window

Callie in the window. Taken Tuesday afternoon before attack.

There are claw marks on our fence, rocks and leaves strewn about, fur on the mailbox; iit must have really been traumatic. II read about coyotes after we found her and brought he in (like I was going to be sleepy after that excitement); I was shocked to read that coyotes in urban areas are not that uncommon. They forage through garbage cans, eat cats, dogs and other family pets; they are apparently not shy about going through neighborhoods looking for food. They are also responsible for making my wife cry.


Callie Post Trauma

Callie Post Trauma - She doesn't even enjoy getting brushed.