Merry Christmas!

Dear Friends,

I had a wonderful Christmas season this year and I am so glad that you were a part of the fun! A couple days before Christmas we make the trek from San Jose down to Glendora. The drive is usually six hours and fairly easy since we generally travel late at night. We stay at Adrienne’s mom and stepdad’s house whenever we visit and Maryjane does a great job of decorating the house and putting together a nice festive atmosphere for family and friends.

For the past several years, Adrienne and I have spent Christmas Eve with her dad and Uncle Fred; we get a pizza, open presents, chat, and have a fun time all day and into the early evening. It’s a very relaxed atmosphere and quite the enjoyable time. Adrienne and I even spend some time doing grocery shopping for her dad on Christmas Eve so that he and Uncle Fred can have a wonderful Christmas dinner together. Adrienne and I also make time to visit the cemetery to say hi to her Uncle Mark along with Grandpa Tony and Grannie.

Christmas Day is always wonderful. Adrienne and her folks get up early and go to church. After church we have a little snack and then open our stockings. Take a short break and then open our presents. With dogs jumping all around and wrapping paper flying it can be a real crazy scene!

On Christmas afternoon we go to Adrienne’s Uncle Tony and Aunt Marice’s house where we visit with friends and family, open more presents, and then eat a smorgasbord of delicious food. We open our Christmas Crackers and stuff ourselves silly.

Depending on our plans and available vacation time, we either drive home really late on Christmas night or sometime the following day. Driving on Christmas Day is always nice because traffic is minimal and we can make great time as we head home.

Sometime between the time we get home and the new year starts we are able to finally get together with family here in the Bay Area. Specifics vary slightly year to year however usually include pizza, presents, and hanging out. It’s the icing on the cake of Christmas celebration.

This year I was also very happy to be a part of the local Toys for Tots program which partners with the  United States Marines to collect toys for underprivileged kids at Christmastime. My longtime friend, Dave Abbott, has been organizing live music events for the past 7 years to help collect toys for the program and this year the Dave Abbott Band had four Fridays in a row at different locations featuring dozens of musicians donating their time and talent to help raise awareness of the program. Our friends and fans donated hundreds of gifts over the course of the month to help make Christmas a brighter time of year for children in need. It warms my heart to be a part something so awesome!

I hope that Christmas was as much fun for you this year as it was for me!



Yay me!

I had a great birthday!
Waffles, cupcakes, music making, drums, guacamole, Anditos, great weather, almost 200 Facebook messages, real-life “Fun Mail”, Easter candy, and even a visit from Batgirl!

Thanks everyone, especially Applesauce, for making the day so awesome!