Damn wildlife!

I went from feeling pissed to feeling like a heel in an instant.

The raccoon I have been trying to scare out of the attic isn’t alone – she has a baby that just popped its head up trying to get a breath of cool air on this hot summer day when temps in the attic must be around 130°F. Poor little creatures. I’ve been banging shit around and trying to block what I thought was a single raccoon from making its home in our attic. And being a lover of all things I instantly felt empathy for these little critters just trying to live.

So now what? Animal control I guess. They need to be taken to an open area and let go out into the wild – or at least relocated to a lower income neighborhood…

Cross-eyed kitty tales of woe

Last week we had some of the hottest temperatures of the year so far (97°F-102°F) and look who decided to go up in the crawl space above our house? The neighbor’s cat, Kiki. This should be no big deal as Callie Meowingbutts goes up there all the time (when it is cooler) and gets down without consequence – not this cat though! No sir! No way! This cat gets stuck*!

So, forgoing the air conditioner we have running inside (that can barely keep up with the sweltering temps) I head outside after she has been stuck up there for quite a while and begin the process of rescuing her. She is panting and quite scared. The air coming out of the roof vents feels like it is 130°F or more. I feel genuinely bad for Kiki and want to get her down.

I remove the vent as carefully as I can (it’s totally fucked up now) and try and coax Kiki to come out. She is scared but at least she isn’t running away and hiding; she just stays right on the ledge. I tried pulling her out for a bit before Applesauce said she’d would pull the cat out. Up on the ladder Applesauce goes and after a few minutes she has the cat in her hands and is coming down the ladder. Kiki hits the ground running and is gone under the fence and then up and over another fence heading back to her yard.

Damn cats.



*Of course, by “stuck”, I mean too fucking stupid to go back out the way she got in.