New Trailer for The King

Moby and Ahab

Moby and Ahab

I enjoy owning a trailer. I have had an enclosed cargo trailer for the last two years but one thing always bothered me about it: I couldn’t stand up in it. While this may seem trivial to some, it made loading the trailer a very tedious, and sometimes painful, task. Between banging my head on the door frames, or the ceiling, or straining my back as I carried things in or out, I just wasn’t a fan of the shorter trailer. I needed a trailer at least one foot taller.

So I began where I always begin: Craigslist. I bought my last trailer from a local guy on Craigslist and had good luck. I didn’t want to buy new; the price isn’t justified. A clean, used trailer works just fine for me. After months of searching, I found a great trailer nearby in Redwood City. I emailed the guy two specific questions and instead of replying he simply edited his ad with bold words to read “THE MANUFACTURER WEBSITE HAS ALL THE SPECS”. This is partially true; the website has the details for a 2011-2012 models but his was built in 2004. Hmmmmm. And according to the build sheet he posted a picture of, his trailer was 12″ taller than standard. So if this shithead had answered two simple questions (are the lights LED and what is the interior height), he would have sold the trailer and I would have had one close to home. But no!!!!!!!!!!!! He was an asshole and as far as I know his trailer is still for sale. Dick.

I did find a an equal trailer for sale farther away in shitty-ass Elk Grove; I emailed this guy the same questions, he emailed back in less than hour, went outside with a tape measure, measured the interior of the trailer, emailed me back, updated his ad with the info I had requested after letting me know via email the trailer height and 2 days later I am at his house buying his 2009 trailer for LESS than Redwood City asshole wanted for an older trailer.

Winner? Me.

The trailer is a 6×10 Interstate, 73″ interior height, all LED lighting, rear ramp, RV side door, flow-thru vents, roof vent, multiple tie-downs, spare tire included, 15″ radial tires and everything is in good working order. It towed home nice and smooth with only a slight loss in MPG due to the trailer being a bit taller and catching more wind-resistance. Big whoop. I am happy with my purchase.

So I got a larger, newer trailer that I am quite happy with and the difference in price between what I sold my old trailer for and what I paid for this new one is only $300. Not a bad deal at all!

The worst part of the whole deal was driving out to Elk Grove on one of the hottest days of the year, but luckily for me Moby has kick-ass air conditioning and heavy duty everything to make the drive rather smooth and comfy. Yay!

Grille Guard Install: 2005 Yukon XL K2500

I installed a Go Rhino Grille Guard on my 2005 Yukon XL K2500 this past week. While not a difficult task, it is a bit time consuming and can be physically difficult as lifting, wrenching on some big bolts, and and lying under the truck are necessary.

Part number: 3108B

As with most projects, the directions could have been clearer and labeling of the parts would ahve been awesome. As it was, the directions were a photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy and lacking in details. I checked online for a cleaner copy or more usefu directions and found none. I will say however, that products for newer vehicles do come with better documentation, including some actual photos of the product on the vehicle (as opposed to wonky diagrams).

I have some Hella 700FF Driving Lamps┬áto install still, but it’s too hot and I have been too busy working on other projects to get to that yet.