2012: Year in Review

This is a quick recap in pictures of the year in review. 2012 sucked ass for a number of reasons however when I put on the rose-colored glasses of hindsight, I see mostly the good.

Happy New Year to you and I hope that 2013 is a damn sight better than 2012.

(Audio is from a Gravity Mine show; a little bass and drum ditty that I manipulated a bit for audio effect).



Photoshop Skillz

I love to use Photoshop. What a great tool that application has been for me over the years. I use it for band fliers, comics, advanced editing, and heck I even do some “Photoshopping” with it!

I recently had the opportunity to work on a project for a client who wanted a family portrait to include pictures of her deceased aunt and grandfather in a classy way. I was more than ready to help out and once the client provided me the basic shots I set to work preparing a nice photograph suitable for printing and framing.

I was sent three portraits at first. From those three I picked the one that had the best potential; specifically I was looking for the one that had the best lighting, most people smiling most people looking at the camera, the least amount of background noise, and the one that gave me the warm and fuzzies.

This is the original photo I chose:


To add in the photos of my client’s aunt and grandfather I first had to pull them out of other photos I was provided:









I spent the most time removing background objects from the large family portrait; this included all of the sky, a lamppost, a fence, and a couple other little blips in the original image. I then swapped in some grass in the foreground where the cement blocks had been.


Finally I imported a nice sky picture for the background to provide a deeper blue and some nice, fluffy clouds. (Seriously – this is the sky I used):

As a final touch I tweaked the colors and contrast along with the brightness and added a bit of a photo filter to get the whole picture working in harmony: