15″ Sabian HHX Groove Hats

After a few years of using the 14″ Sabian HHX Evolution hats I finally remembered I didn’t really like the sound too much and went online and ordered some larger hats – 15″ Sabian HHX Groove Hats to be exact.

I love 15″ hi hats for a couple of reasons:

1. – I use fairly large sticks (Vic Firth 2B wood tip) and I like have the extra metal to lay into; the 15″ hats seem to absorb some of the attack and weight of the stick with greater aplomb.

2. – I love the saucier sound I get with larger hats. I play lots of classic rock and blues with The Dave Abbott Band and the pillow of sound the larger creates is sooooooo nice.

Cons: Of course with 15″ hi hats there are couple cons; I can’t get the fast, funky hi hat chokes I can with smaller hi hats. I still play these quick barks but the sound is larger and more legato overall. If I was doing more hip hop, R&B, or funk I would stick with smaller, lighter hi hats.


Moist excellent!

Kudos to the fine people at Camelbak for providing excellent warranty coverage and an easy way (online) to submit a problem and request replacement parts (or repair) as needed.

I recently bought a Camelbak water bottle from The Sports Basement and within a few uses the straw mechanism that screws into the cap had become stripped. I was pretty pissed that this craptacular design had been allowed into the product line and I was a bit pissed at myself for not catching the flaw beforehand.

If I was a yuppie dickhead I’d probably throw a hissyfit and complain the color cap they sent is incorrect but instead I look at it think “Hey – that’s fine, Just fine indeed.”

I have this bottle and overall I really like it: Groove® Insulated .6L

Verdict: Buy Camelbak products in general but maybe wait to buy a bottle like this until the design is updated a bit.

Safeway Smoked Almonds

Dude. These things need to spend more time in the fire – they are very smokey at all. The prices was quite a bit cheaper than the national brand(s) but you knopw what – so was the taste. If you want somke flavor, get the real deal and skip these nuts.

You’d be nuts to buy these flavor-deficient nuts.